Grooving and Grubbing in the Big Apple

In mid-June, I went to NYC for a long weekend to visit one of my best friends. (If you follow GWG on insta, you probably saw some of our foodie pics already! She also adores food and music and…IT’S NYC WE’RE TALKIN’ HERE…so obviously some major fooding and musicing was in order. In fact, when others asked me what I did there, I honestly and accurately replied that I ate virtually the entire time and went to a few concerts in between because, apart from drinking and sleeping, that’s primarily what went down. Check out my breakdown below of the glorious local grub and grooves.

The High Line

The High Line

{Local Grub}

MAD PROPS & NOT PICTURED:  The impressive and delicious spread of snacks, handpicked by my friend’s coworker, that we enjoyed during the NY Phil’s concert in Central Park (videos and pictures below) my first night in town. Now for those of you who know me well, know I love a good snack sesh and really respect fellow snack-enthusiasts who know JUST what to get for a particular event. Berries and brie, tropical salsa and chips, wine – to name a few.


  • Lenwich – I’m a big ‘wich lover so maybe I’m biased, but this place provided a solid post-travel meal to kick-off my NYC adventure. They have so many options – all looking good – deciding was stressful, but the one pictured below did not disappoint.
  • Absolute Bagels – I also happen to be a huge bagel fan. NYC bagels really are better so getting a great bagel was at the top of my list. Delicious. Highly recommended if you’re ever in the city.
  • The Smorgasburg – Take me back there please. We tried as many things as we could, sharing samples from a wide variety of vendors. A little glutinous? Probably. Necessary considering the circumstances? Very. So many fantastic stands – I could do an entire post on this afternoon itself and would still struggle with what to include. Therefore, below is a short list of my top three:


  1. Dough Doughnuts – Where to begin? The amazing texture of this doughnut below me away. It was like biting into a big, cushy cloud. And they nailed that unique, tropical flavor. I’m not even a huge doughnut fan, but this was one of the favorite things I ate all weekend.
  2. Brooklyn Wok Shop – Each of the dumplings we sampled were fantastic. It included duck confit, pastrami, and garlic chive taro mushroom dumplings. All wonderful.
  3. Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque – This mini pulled park ‘wich was so well balanced, juicy, and satisfying. The peppers and cukes provide a hint of refreshing taste and the meat itself was very tender and well-sauced.

{Local Grooves}

Some of my favorite musicians are from NYC – which shouldn’t be surprising since it’s one of the US’s timeless hotbeds for musical talent, spanning multiple genres – but none of them were in town. However, no complaints here because we were able to check out some fantastic music regardless. As I mentioned above and the pictures display, we went to two very enjoyable shows and to make it even better, they were both FREE!

The NY Phil put on a beautiful performance. I don’t listen to classical music nearly enough and this was a great reminder. Simply perfect for my first evening in the city, complete with a great view of the skyline, delicious snacks, and fireworks following the performance. They played Berlioz’s Roman Carnival Overture; Saint-Saëns’s Violin Concerto No. 3, Stravinsky’s Petrushka (1911 version); and Ravel’s La Valse.

On Saturday night we checked out the bands playing at the Summer Stage. I missed Lettuce by one weekend, but it worked out well because it allowed us to discover a new and also kinda funky band out of London:  JUNGLE. So, obviously they’re not “local”, but the concert series is! They were wonderfully dancey and fun – very fitting and enjoyable for a summer night. Check out the pictures above and the videos below (my apologies that they’re a little shaky and the NYPHIL video’s low volume =/ it was tough to properly film where we were at, but I still wanted to include some footage.)


2 thoughts on “Grooving and Grubbing in the Big Apple

  1. YES! Thoroughly enjoyed reliving that weekend through this post! Love you and had so much fun!! Next stop Nashville 🙂

    P.S. I went to Smorgasburg again a week ago and had another Dough Doughnut :p

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