Grooving & Grubbing Locally: The City That Keeps It Weird

I went to Austin in January and it was amazing. I was very fortunate to extend a work trip into a long weekend with some of my close friends from college. Not only did I get to experience Austin’s killer food, music, and warm weather with my fellow Fyers, but I also enjoyed some solid meals during the work week. From tacos to chicken-fried-anything to queso to quail (I could go on for a while), they really know their food. They also know their weird and their music and how to be a lovable city. Check out my foodie pics below and be sure to check out the restaurants too. I ate so many glorious meals, it was a major struggle to limit which ones to include so brace yourself for a lot of food photos and prepare to fight the immediate urge to go there.

Austin - Taken from Graffiti Park at Castle Hills

Austin – Taken from Graffiti Park at Castle Hills

On the music front, I was treated to some great tunes as well. Thanks to my friend, we were able to get tickets to a Bricks in the Wall, a Pink Floyd tribute band hailing from Dallas, show at one of Austin’s famous venues, Emo’s. The venue was simple – in a good way – and the show was stellar. Their music was on point and the light show was absolutely fantastic. The other night, we went out on the wonderful Rainey Street which is similar to West 25th in Ohio City up here in Cleveland. We drank delicious local craft brews and got to catch a few local bands. Since Austin is one of those cities where more aspiring artists go to “make it”, most of these bar acts aren’t your typical bar band. One in particular had a very unique sound and vibe so I chose to feature them: Sam Pace and The Gilded Grit. I snapped some decent pics at both of these shows and also nabbed a handful of videos. Check ’em out below!

{Local Grub}

Here is a short breakdown of my favorites:

  • Jack Allen’s – Great food and really cool focus on local sourcing
  • Swift’s Attic – Very cool atmosphere with a shared small plates concept. Everything I ate was impressive and beyond satisfying, but the quail, pork cheeks, and Coconut Panna Cota were glorious.
  • Fixe – AWESOME southern fare. I may be biased because friend works there, but it was extremely delicious, the decor was perfect, and THOSE BISCUITS. That Lemon Cake is made by aerating the batter and then freezing it. Innovative and beyond scrumptious.
  • Torchy’s and Taco Deli – Really really really good semi-fast food tacos.

{Local Grooves}

As I mentioned, Bricks in the Wall was awesome, but it was especially cool because I had just seen Wish You Were Here a couple weeks prior. It was pretty neat to compare and contrast two notable Floyd tribute acts that hail from pretty different regions. Oh, and it was also especillay cool because the tickets were FREE.99!

I am also very grateful that we walked into the bar Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit were playing. They’re a talented group with a unique stage presence. Their music is a tight mix of rock and blues that incorporates both old and new school sounds. Sam Pace knows guitar like Fixe knows southern food. They pair together rather nicely too – a lot of soul and talent packed into that combo. Since I only got a short video, I wanted to include some studio tracks from their SoundCloud page as well. Hope you dig:

I don’t think I’ll ever fully recover from my taco withdrawal, but that just means I’ll have to come back sooner. It would be nice to see my favorite Texans too. Thanks for an absolutely amazing time and sharing the weird.


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