WOAH…It’s already been one year!?

We can’t believe it. Tomorrow, it will have already been a year since we officially went live with Garnished With Grooves. While there were some pleasant surprises and some unexpected challenges, overall it was a great first year in the blogosphere. We simply wanted to do a short and sweet post to observe this day in our little blogging history and thank you for sticking along for the ride. We have a lot of very cool posts in the works and a handful of great ideas for the future. As always, if you have questions, suggestions, requests, etc. – please contact us!photo-11

To be honest, this anniversary kind of snuck up and the past couple weeks have been pretty crazy for both of us. As a result, we’re keeping our celebrations simple, convenient….and classy:  The finest light beer served with exquisite dip and crispy, deconstructed baked tortillas, accented with flax seeds. Or as most people know that snack duo by:  2 cold cans of PBR with some chips and salsa from Giant Eagle.

For the grooves, we put together a playlist about time – time passing and times to come:

In all seriousness, we really wanted to do an extravagant cake with some uniquely crafted dessert cocktail, but that’s just not happening this week. So, Happy 1st Birthday GWG! Here’s to many more and a solid rest of 2015 🙂


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