Grooving & Grubbing Locally: Cincy Stylee

This past weekend we took a short trip to Cincinnati (and Covington, Kentucky) to visit some friends and see two of our favorite bands at The Madison Theater:  The Werks and Zoogma. It was fun to get together with so many of our friends we don’t see very often and the concert was an absolute blast as expected. Our friends know we LOVE trying new spots, and they do as well, so we did some pretty hardcore food-ing even though we were only there for less than 48 hours.

{Local Grub}

On Saturday, we grabbed brunch with some of our favorite ladies in Over The Rhine. OTR is a really unique area that has experienced an impressive evolution. Adrienne’s older brother graduated from Xavier University in 2001. That year, OTR hit the news for rioting and looting and bouts of extreme violence. In recent years, this area has done a complete 180. Similar to Cleveland’s Tremont and Ohio City, locally-oriented stores and restaurants dot the streets. Even a hilarious puppy parade was happening in Washington Park! (We’re looking at you, yorkie terrior dressed as Elvis!) We grabbed some food at Taste of Belgium and it was hands-down AMAZING. As a result, we wanted to make it the highlight of our post. It definitely lived up to the sensational reviews and it’s crystal clear why Guy Fieri made a stop there on Triple-D. Also, thanks to a very generous and outgoing patron near us, we were able to try a of couple dishes we didn’t even order! He insisted that we sample his sandwich and appetizer – while his daughters rolled their eyes, saying he does this all the time. Either way, in addition to being friendly, he also has great taste in menu items.

Amanda ordered their famous Chicken and Waffles and here are her thoughts:

SO good. Their waffles have a very unique texture and are very dense – almost similar to that of a biscuit, but still crispy on the outside. I wasn’t expecting it, but it was a nice surprise and the flavor was on point as well. The chicken was equally impressive. It had the perfect amount of breading, seasoning, and sauce on the outside. The inside was juicy and tender which made it one extremely tasty piece-o-chicken. I’ve had my fair share of chicken and waffle renditions and this is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

Adrienne ordered the brunch burger and here is what she thought:

Everything about this burger was great! It was a brunch burger, so there was a patty, egg, cheese and bacon, and it was all sandwiched between two waffles. It was delicious, but the best part was the maple syrup as a dipping sauce on the side. The bacon and cheese were salty, so the sweet syrup really rounded out the taste. I did try to pick up the burger– huge mistake. It all fell apart. Looking back, I’m not sure why I thought picking it up was a good idea. Back to the point: use a fork and knife and get this burger!


That evening we went to Eli’s BBQ for dinner before the concert and, while  it’s a very different atmosphere than Taste of Belgium, it was still very tasty. The policy is BYOB, so most diners eat out back on picnic tables and enjoy the  beverages of their choosing. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend which made the down-to-earth atmosphere even better. Their pulled pork was tender and flavorful. That, along with their solid southern side dishes, made for an extremely delicious dinner. Be sure to check this place out if you’re a BBQ fan (and/or a cheddar jalapeño grits fan) and happen to be in the area! Get there early though – we arrived right before the line got reallyyyyy long.

{Local Grooves}

We won’t be featuring The Werks or Zoogma for this post since they are from Dayton and Mississippi, respectively. However, you should definitely give them a listen and DL their tunes because they both have a great sound, impressive musicianship, and most of their tunes are FREE.99. Check out The Werk’s bandcamp page and Zoogma’s website to give ’em each a listen and get some music.

For our Cinci installment of Grooving and Grubbing locally, we put together a playlist of some standout area artists. Peridoni actually opened for The Werks and Zoogma on Saturday, but we unfortunately had some scheduling obstacles and couldn’t get there in time to catch all of their set. Hopefully we’ll get another chance to see them soon and we highly recommend that check them out as well! On another unfortunate note, the Skeetones “mutually decided to pursue personal interests” for an indefinite and possibly infinite amount of time and Pharaoh Loosey seems to be on a possibly unending break too.  At least we can still enjoy their recorded tunes and dream about their return.

Although it’s short, this playlist is packed with cinci-bred talent and we are loving each group’s sound. Did we miss any key artists? Let us know! We couldn’t find Rumpke Mountain Boys on SoundCloud and couldn’t leave them out, so we included the video below too!

This city should definitely be proud (much like us Clevelanders) of what it has to offer. It was a great trip and I hope we can make it back down there soon. Thanks for a wonderful weekend Cincinnati – we’re glad we get to share the beautiful state of Ohio with you ❤


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