Interview with Vacationer’s Kenny Vasoli


Vacationer’s Kenny Vasoli

I’ve been excited for this post for quite awhile – since the Vacationer concert at Musica on February 7, 2013 to be exact. I know the date because the concert coincided with my training schedule for my one and only 5k. I ran the morning of the concert and let’s just say jogging + black ice = chipped front teeth and a swollen lip. Goodbye Vacationer show, hello emergency room. So when they came back in 2014, I was excited to make up for lost time. Amanda and I went down to the show, grooved to their chill, beachy music and we were lucky enough to send a few brief questions to  the lead singer, Kenny Vasoli, about food.

Garnished with Grooves: What’s your favorite food on tour?

Kenny Vasoli: I’m basically addicted to sushi. It’s great. If I only have a limited amount it’s perfect, it’s quickly made and does not sit in my stomach like a brick.

GG: Are you a culinary dynamo or a master of fast-dialing take out? What’s your favorite recipe of restaurant?

KV: I don’t know if I’m a dynamo but I do love to cook. I’ve become increasingly conscious of nutrition, so I like knowing exactly what is in my meals. When I cook I usually bounce between breakfast food, stir-fry and stews. Simple breakfast tacos with egg and avocado have been my obsession as of late.

GG: What would be the best food to pair with your music?

KV: Pineapple! Especially if you happen to have cottonmouth.

The Grooves:

Both Amanda and I love Vacationer’s sound and really enjoyed their show this past Spring. It was perfect for a chill Sunday evening. Their songs have a slight upbeat, dance-y feel with world beats and a wide variety samples. The timing of the vocals are perfect, whether it’s Kenny singing the main lines or the chill, wispy layered vocals. Their instrumental style varies from island-esque accents to indie/alternative riffs to solid bars of post-rock sequences.  All of this comes together to make a really unique sound that provides a chill groove sprinkled with some upbeat layers. Here‘s the upcoming tour schedule, so be sure to check out Vacationer when they come to your city!

Vacationer’s 2nd album, Relief, came out in June. Here’s the music video of the single “The Wild Life”:

I discovered Vacationer through their 1st album, Gone. The whole album plays below.

The Grub:

Vacationer’s pineapple wish is our culinary command. Because Kenny mentioned he liked tacos, we decided to make these Korean pineapple tacos. We followed ALMOST this entire recipe from Closet Cooking because the description sounded too delicious to pass up. The one ingredient we skipped: Asian pears. The selection at the grocery for Asian pears looked a little rough, so we ended up just skipping them. And we can absolutely confirm that the recipe still tasted fantastic. To make the recipe vegetarian friendly, substitute seitan for the chicken.

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