Trout Grilling In America with Weird & Quirky Tunes

Trout Eating In America

We felt this Trout GRILLING in AMERICA recipe+playlist was a good post to follow a solid 4th of July weekend. However, this is not your typical grilling fare OR common cookout jams.

Hopefully those of you that are hip to Richard Brautigan caught our PUN right away and hopefully those of you who are not will put “Trout Fishing in America” at the top of your reading list. If you don’t have a reading list, it is strongly recommended that you start one because, like food and music, books are good for you.

This grilled trout recipe instantly reminded me (Amanda) of Richard Brautigan’s impressively unique and entertaining novella. I love it because it’s refreshingly weird, but still “accessible” and not TOO strange to handle or enjoy. It’s a collection of out-of-the-box anecdotes and abstract short stories about his life on the West Coast. Although it lacks a standard storyline, it gives you a sense of what life was like (for people “on the fringe”) during his childhood in the 40’s and young adult life in the 60’s, all while appeasing your brain with his quirkiness and witty, unconventional literary structure.

The Grooves:

With Brautigan in mind, we chose “weird” artists and quirky songs with somewhat unconventional sound/structure. We also included a couple tracks/musicians that reference Brautigan’s slightly out-there, yet wonderful work. Overall, it turned out to be a considerably diverse and “just weird enough” (for us at least…) playlist:

The Grub:

The recipe cred’ for this healthy grilling alternative goes out to Amanda’s mom. Since trout naturally has a fabulous texture and flavor, the seasonings are light and the prep is pretty simple. It can be served along with a variety of options, but we enjoyed ours with a side of steamed Brussels sprouts and fresh bread topped with bruschetta.

Trout Grilling In America


  • 4 whole trout (gutted)
  • 3 lemons (2 for marinade, 1 to cut into wedges)
  • 3 tsp. fresh chopped dill
  • 2 tbs. veggie oil (for the griddle)
  • 4 tbs. melted butter


  1. Rinse off trout in cool water and pat dry.
  2. Mix juice of 2 lemons and 2 tsp dill in small bowl and then rub inside and outside of trout with mixture.
  3. Set aside to marinate for 30-45 minutes.
  4. Brush cast iron griddle (flat portion of grill) with veggie oil and light grill.Trout Deboning In America
  5. Cook for 5 minutes on one side and then 5-10 more minutes on other side. (Similar to other fish, when meat starts to flake away, it’s done)
  6. You can serve as is or complete the following steps for your guests
  7. Cut off head, peal off skin and lift off first filet gently (using a butter knife helps – see picture to the right).
  8. You should be able to see spine and peel off all in one piece. Here is a helpful video that shows how to do so and easy it is.
  9. Place filets on plate with choice of sides and lemon wedges. Lightly sprinkle or rub filets with mixture of remaining dill and melted butter. You can also add salt and pepper if you think it’s needed.

So go home and prepare for Trout Eating in America. And dig the weird, quirky jams while you’re at it.


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