Grooving & Grubbing Locally: Cleveland’s Hessler Street Fair

This past Saturday I spent the evening at Hessler Street Fair with some friends and I still cannot get over the fact that it took me so long to check it out! Despite it being a little on the chilly side, it was a wonderful night filled with beautiful art, genuine people, and GREAT local grooves and grub. It was an experience that truly filled me with loads of CLE pride and love. Therefore, I thought it was very appropriate to highlight what I ate, heard, and saw for our third installment of “Grooving & Grubbing Locally.”

{Local Grub}

My friend and I went halfsies on the stuffed squash and rueben burger (both are pictured below and both were DELICIOUS). The stuffed squash (filled with rice, beans, and locally-grown veggies) was from Hooper Farm in Tremont. The rueben burger was from the Ohio Farm Direct grass-fed cheese stand. We also had some great samples from various stands along the way and warmed up later with some hot tea, coffee, and a cookie from the Root stand as well.

In addition to the foodie and music pics, I included a handful of shots from the other vendors/exhibits and general fair vicinity. Check it out:

{Local Grooves}

We caught the very end of the Hessler All-Stars set which sounded good and bluesy. We saw the majority of  The JiMiller Band set which was nothing short of wonderful. They played some fantastic Grateful Dead covers and a handful of other rock/blues/jam songs. Almost everyone in the crowd seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the tunes for their entire set.

Here are a few video clips I took while digging the jams (along with my perfectly roasted&brewed Root coffee):

I think the following quote/lyric sums up this post the best – I doubt I was the only one in the crowd who thought how “Shakedown Street” is very fitting for Cleveland when The JiMiller Band started playing it:

“Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart, you just gotta poke around”


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