Grooving & Grubbing Locally: KB Confections and Cloud Nothings

For our second installment of “Grooving & Grubbing Locally” we are highlighting the wonderful KB Confections Bake Shoppe in Lakewood and the talented local band:  Cloud Nothings. They are both a great representation of the tremendous talent we have here in Cleveland.

{Local Grub}

I (Amanda) had the taste for something sweet today so I popped into KB with my brother to finally check out this cute little bakery and have an afternoon treat. They were incredibly friendly and our cupcakes were absolutely delicious. My brother ordered a chocolate cupcake and I had the strawberry cream cupcake which had GREAT flavor and texture. Karen Bosworth runs the show at KB with the support of her children and husband, Dan. She is one talented lady and has a solid crew behind her too.

Dan let me sample their tasty house coffee roast (they get their beans from Caruso’s) and was kind enough to give me a sneak peak of their expansion progress as well. They are renovating the old greenhouse space that is connected to the current storefront by using sustainable installation, while also keeping the unique greenhouse look and being very mindful of their desired atmosphere. I already dig their current colorful and bright space so I am very excited to see what it looks like once the expansion is complete.

{Local Grooves}

At first, we weren’t sure what local grooves to include in this post so we surfed the inter-webs a bit to get a better feel. Sometimes, we’ll have the perfect grub/grooves pairing in mind and other times we’ll take recommendations from the band/grub spot owner, but on occasion (like this time), we may just do a random post of local food and music.

We saw that the Cloud Nothings played Mahall’s last night and decided to give them a fresh listen. For whatever reason, their energetic and unique rock sound were the perfect tunes for the afternoon. It’s unfortunate that both of us missed their show due to other plans and we will definitely be catching them next time we have the chance – hopefully another hometown throw-down.


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