Grooving & Grubbing Locally: WSM and Honeybucket

We’re very fortunate to be living in a place – CLE and Ohio both – that is PACKED with wonderful foodie spots and local music. There are a multitude of great bakeries, butcher shops, coffee roasters, farmers market stands and more. On the music side, we have an extremely diverse and talent filled music scene with acts that have made significant contributions to funk, jazz, blues, punk, hip-hop, folk – obviously ROCK’N’ROLL – and more.

Our goal is to have a post each week or so that features one of these fabulous fooding spots and one of the fantastic local musicians/bands that fills us with Ohio/Cleveland pride and love. While the main focus of this segment will be on Ohio, we’ll showcase the local grooves and grub of other places when our travels take us elsewhere.

{Local Grub}

This week’s local post features one of our favorite places in CLE:  The West Side Market. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know we frequent the WSM for our ingredients on a regular basis. Whether you need to grab a few things for a meal, do major shopping or just want a bite to eat, it’s a great place to go. We went on saturday and we’re pretty sure our visit falls under the “major shopping” category.

{Local Grooves}

We paired our WSM trip with the local grooves of Honeybucket. It’s great to have a band here in the CLE that has such a grassy and folky sound. Go check them out! They have an upcoming show on May 15th at the Beachland Ballroom – one of our favorite local music venues.

Note: We know the term “local” has multiple meanings – especially when it comes to food. When we say local we mean local business, but we’ll highlight locally grown/sourced food when we can.


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