The Naked and Famous at HOB Cleveland 3/10/14

I (Amanda) went to see the The Naked and Famous with my brother the Cleveland House of Blues on Monday night. Before we move on to the meat and potatoes of this review, I want preface it with this: While I listen to a large variety of music and I occasionally dabble in the indie/new alt-rock/synth-pop realm, it is not one of my favorite genres and I don’t have an extensive knowledge on the complexities of the sound and related aspects (as I do with other genres). However, I do try my best to isolate “I don’t REALLY dig this” from “They are good musicians and they sound good/bad in their own right.”

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The opener, Gemini Club was decent. I want to focus on the main act for this write-up so I will leave it at that. As for The Naked and Famous, I was impressed and enjoyed the show overall. The band delivered a great performance, the sound and lights seemed on point for the majority of the show, their simple stage set-up seemed perfect and I even ended up running into handful of my good friends from UD! I went into the concert knowing about 3 songs and left wanting to learn more about the band and give their albums a deeper listen.

What really stood out to me was the lead singer’s, Alisa Xayalith, absolutely stellar vocals. She truly has a spectacular voice and does a fabulous job connecting with the audience as well. Whether the synthy electro beats were steadily looping or driving with rise and fall action, they complimented the unique lyrics and powerful vocal structures throughout the show. The relatively simple, yet well-played guitar, bass and drum kit work really brought the sound together by punctuating the short pauses in Alisa’s vocals, laying a solid structure for the keys and vocals, and also providing bars of much-needed contrast when they keys and vocals took longer pauses. The band definitely has talent, fantastic chemistry and a genuine energy.

Here are a few short videos I took at the show:

Also, here is a studio version of one of the songs I really liked from their set, but didn’t get great footage of at the show:

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a “grub” component to tie into this post..unless you count me telling you about how my brother and I quickly made and devoured steak fajitas with Adrienne as soon as we got home from the show. We were far too ravenous to take the time to document the recipe. They were, however, very delicious and a perfect end to a wonderful night of music.

If anyone has a setlist from the show, it would be AWESOME if you could send it to over, as I didn’t have any luck finding it. For any of those big synth-pop (and the like) fans out there, please feel free to recommend similar sounding bands! We would love to check them out. Have a lovely weekend everyone! We hope you have some food and music adventures included in your plans!


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