Brussels Sprouts, Bacon and Wine

It seems that only recently have brussels sprouts been associated with positive feelings. Like many others before us, that terrible stench of brussels sprouts has haunted us for many years. I (Adrienne) remember the first time I tried brussels sprouts was at my sister’s boyfriend’s house. I was 5 years old and also learning that you shouldn’t spit something out that tastes funny. So, I pop the overcooked brussels sprout in, realize that I can’t continue eating this gross mushy marble, BUT I also can’t spit it out. The result:  me holding the offensive sprout in my cheek for a solid 15 minutes before spitting it into my napkin. Now, however, the sprouts barely last 15 minutes on my plate before I down them! 

Brussels Sprouts, Bacon and Wine - Ready to Enjoy

Brussels sprouts are part of the cabbage family and, as the name hints, Belgium claims the honor of having the once-rated “most hated” vegetable named after their capital city. However, the Netherlands is currently the largest exporter.

The Grooves:

In representation of the two counties with the closest association to this misunderstood vegetable, we paired this recipe with a playlist including a mix of musicians from Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Grub: 

You can get brussels sprouts in many forms – on the stalk, loose or pre-packed – at most grocery stores and markets. We bought ours pre-packaged and shredded. While this wasn’t the freshest option, it really cut down on our prep time and still tasted delicious.

Ingredients:                                                                                Brussels Sprouts, Bacon and Wine - Brussels Sprouts

  • 9 oz. brussels sprouts – shredded
  • 3 strips bacon – diced
  • ¼ C white wine


  1. Cook diced bacon in large skillet over medium heat.
  2. Right before bacon looks done (about 3 minutes), add shredded brussels sprouts. Try to evenly coat shredded sprouts in bacon grease.
  3. When shredded sprouts start to wilt and bacon is getting pretty crispy, add white wine to de-glaze bottom of skillet.
  4. When white wine is gone (about 4 minutes), they should be ready to serve and enjoy!

This recipe is too easy not to try. Give it a shot, enjoy the grooves, and let us know what you think! We realize we just did two back-to-back bacon+cruciferous vegetable combo recipes, but we just couldn’t resist. 😉


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