Dopapod at The Agora 2/21

This past Friday we went to see one of our favorite bands, Dopapod, at The Agora. They co-headlined Cumulus Entertainment’s annual Radiate Glow Fest which is a large one-night indoor EDM festival. While the energy in the Theatre (main stage with DJ’s) was spectacular and the talent brought by the other bands in the Ballroom was very impressive, we will focus on Dopapod (or as they wittily called themselves Friday:  Glowpapod) for this post.

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We’ve been very fortunate to catch Dopapod several times before at various festivals and shows across Ohio so we already knew we were in for a treat. Ever since our initial exposure to their improvisational prog-rock grooves in Fall 2011, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for upcoming local tour dates and skimming line-ups for our beloved palindrome-titled favorite. From EDM fiends to jazz fans to metal heads, they appeal to a broad range of listeners and in growing numbers to boot. The quartet seems to realize this and sometimes play to the crowd’s vibe. When we saw them this past Halloween (FOODnote: we grabbed dinner at BD’s Mongolian Grill before this show and caught them getting their pre-show grub on there too!) at the Grog Shop, we witnessed some heavier shredding and they were pretty jammy for the sets we’ve caught at festivals.

{Setlist}  Trapper Keeper, Nerds, FABA, Vol. 3 #86 -> Picture in Picture -> Vol. 3 #86, Squarefoot (Rudder cover, 1st time played), Nuggy Jawson (contained Squarefoot tease), Sonic

This time was no different and due to event’s atmosphere, they were bringing the heat with spacey jams and dance catalyzing grooves. However, they still had their technical edge and went into some intricate improvs, appeasing the brain while the body got down on the dance floor. The crowd seemed energized with anticipation as Dopapod was tuning/setting up and it grew as the show went on. All four of them are spectacular musicians and were definitely on point at Friday’s show.  Some of our favorite songs of the set were “Trapper Keeper”, “Vol. 3 #86” and “Nuggy Jawson.” Our friends seeing them for the first time were blown away and caught the Dopapod bug just like we did. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can catch them again.

Here is a short clip I took during “FABA” at Friday’s show (Just listen to Eli laying down the grooves on that Moog!):

You can stream and buy their music on their bandcamp page. Here is the stellar “I Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was I” album that was recorded, mixed, and produced by their very talented lighting designer and audio engineer, Luke Stratton:

At the the end of the show, we were lucky enough to shake hands with Eli, thank him for the excellent show and ask him one quick foodie question for the blog: “What is your favorite food?” Even though the band was very busy packing up, he took the time to sneak over and reply “My favorite food issss..LASAGNA.”  While that may have been a rushed decision, we’re almost sure it’s at least in his top five and we can’t blame him either – it’s a pretty solid choice.


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