moe. at HOB Cleveland 2/13

This past Thursday, one of us (Amanda) was lucky enough to attend the moe. show at the Cleveland House of Blues. The show was spectacular and far exceeded my already high expectations.

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Moe. 2:13:14 Setlist

I went with a wonderful crew we often attend shows with and even met up with a longtime friend from my Miniwanca days. Virtually everyone I talked to, veteran fans and newcomers alike, loved it and had a great time. Just check out that solid setlist! Click on it – you’ll see we weren’t the only ones blown away.  They played a handful of my favorite songs and their collective jamming and solos were both on point.

While the show was fantastic overall, there seems to be a general consensus that moe. brought a lot more energy and fire after the break for a standout second set. I was surprised when they wrapped up the encore with Low by Cracker, but it was great cover and was very fitting for the main concert demographic – I wish I would have snagged some footage of the crowd belting the lyrics along with the band. 

moe. will be touring Europe in March and April after co-headlining Summer Camp Music Festival. For the past 14 years they’ve been putting on their own festival, moe.down, (8/29-8/31) which seems to be a very enjoyable weekend from the reviews and live recordings I have heard.

Here’s a small clip I took of Chuck absolutely killin’ it:

We tried to coordinate a pre or post show meal, but it was tough with everyone’s busy schedules and never became a reality. However, it put a big smile on my face when I checked out Instagram and saw moe.  enjoying some of the finest grub Cleveland has to offer at Green House Tavern.

Those pictures left me craving some GHT, much like I left the show craving more moe.  For those who haven’t listen to this legendary band yet, you should definitely check them out.  For those of you who are already fans, what’s your favorite song or show?


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